BestOptionMedical is a leading provider of medical staffing services for certified nurses and nursing assistants. We abide by ethical recruitment practices and have a stellar record of placement. Healthcare organizations of all sizes choose BestOptionMedical for the great service and the professionalism of the healthcare staff we offer.


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An All-in-One Staffing Solution

Our VMS allows multiple agencies & temps to work for you.

What Is BestOptionMedical?

BestOptionMedical is an established platform that offers Vendor Management Services. Our audience is healthcare facilities & firms, staffing agencies and healthcare staff. Our VMS connects all these in one central place so that managing certified nursing assistants and nurses doesn’t become costly and time consuming.

Managing staff from multiple platforms can be quite a hustle. We bring you the BestOptionMedical VMS which straightaway streamlines the A-Z of staffing operations. This in turn results in efficiency and effectiveness across the board and that the process of finding the right medical staff through to hiring and completing the shift is a breeze.

By trusting and working with BestOptionMedical, you’re trusting an efficient system, a network of professional independently operated staffing agencies. Our job is to help you get the right staff for your needs, when and where you need them. All the medical staff under BestOptionMedical are qualified and certified nurses and nursing assistants – so you can rest easy that they will always be patient in handling patients who may not be patient.

Most importantly, you’ll be doing this with few clicks, a single point of contact and a great team that’s always one call away.


Assisted Living Facilities

Long-term care Facilities

Home Healthcare Agencies


The BestOptionMedical Advantage

BestOptionMedical bridges the gap between healthcare facilities and staffing agencies by helping facilities get the right staff, when they need them! We are have our focus on long term care and assisted living, LPNs, RNs,Med Aides, CNAs and support staff services all available per diem and contract basis.


Get certified staff when and where you need them, for as long as you need them.


Count on us to have the right medical staff on standby anytime – even during emergencies.


Every medical staff working at your health facility is trained, certified and properly documented.


The medical staff at BestOptionMedical is trained to put the safety of the patients at the core.


Behavioral, drug, and background screenings are done on medical staff before they are sent on duty.


If you are unhappy with a medical staff for any reason, please reach out to us immediately.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you have those questions especially if you’re new here. How about giving us a call us sending us a quick email? We’ll be happy to get in touch and clarify your queries. Simply start by hitting the contact us button below.

What is BestOption Medical?

We are a staffing firm that is a bridge between health facilities and temps. We pride ourselves in top of the industry software that ensures seamless working process for facilities and temps. Facility trust BestOption because they enjoy a huge elite pool of healthcare staff.

Why Us

Again, everything here is organized and straightforward. Our VMS is tried and tested. Unlike most staffing platforms, BestOption is not a leased software but an independently developed ground-up platform, so you can be sure your data is SAFE! In addition, it’s feature packed, we promise you’ll be amazed!

Do you pay for overtime?

Of course we do. Every hour worked, normal or overtime is paid for. That keeps us ahead of the pack and we trust that this is something you’ll agree is important.

What is your policy on those No Show No Calls temps?

As much as we have put up all measures to prevent this, agreeably, we can’t avoid this 100% but here’s how we’ve developed our platform to prevent this.

  1. Reminders – Google Calendar, Text, WhatsApp Reminders are sent to temps to keep them updated about their upcoming shifts.
  2. If for one reason or another the temp is unavailable, they can hand over the shift before a set timeline so that it’s picked by another available temp.
  3. A temp can either pick or drop a shift and once either action has been taken, the temp cannot again change the shift to unassigned or available for them. If they have picked the shift, it has to be completed, if they drop the shift, they have to take on another shift if they wish. So it’s either you’re available or not available.
  4. Temps are allowed to set their off-days to avoid being assigned a shift when they are absent. If a shift is assignable, it means the temp set the specific day as being available. Also, a temp has to manually perform the actions that prompt them to confirm that they actually are available for the specific shift.
  5. Without a genuine honest valid reason, a temp is banned from picking any upcoming shifts.

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