What We Do

BestOption is a nurse staffing agency that provides healthcare jobs for all your needs be it contract, per diem, or travel.

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BestOption benefits include referral bonuses, health benefits, and professional liability insurance.

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Shift requirements include a year of current, acute-care experience as well as nursing license/certificate.

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Monday – Friday  8AM – 5PM
Call us 24/7   +1 952-252-8606

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Call us at +1 952-252-8606 if you have any concerns.

We have thousands of travel nursing jobs for RNs and LPNs and travel therapy jobs for PTs, OTs, and SLPs in many cities in Minnesota and its environs. That’s an Advantage!

Our dedicated staff will help you through the entire job placement process, from finding travel nursing and travel therapy opportunities to starting in new locations. That’s an Advantage!

We have extensive knowledge and experience in the travel nursing and allied industries.That’s an Advantage!

What We Do:

Leading the medical staffing industry.


You may not have a medical staffing needs today, but when you do, wouldn’t it be great to be prepared?  BestOption Medical can help – with no sign-up fees! 



Medical professionals monitor open shifts online and schedule themselves with the click of a button. It’s that simple! BestOption Medical is looking for healthcare professionals just like YOU to join our team.


This is Care given to a patient over time after finishing treatment at a facility. BestOption Medical tailors the care plans based on individual patient needs. Care is given from the client’s home or in an institution.

Bestoptionmedical.com is the leading healthcare provider/medical staffing solution in Minnesota.

BestOption Medical provides you full access to a range of flexible staffing solutions.

The technology and experience of BestOption Medical Staffing ensures that your facility gets the required medical staff in time, whether you’re looking for contract or per diem staff. BestOption is always available whenever your facility needs to fill in for planned staff vacations or even unexpected staff absences, rising census, sick calls among others. Contract and per diem staff remain BestOption Medical Staffing’s employees. They are under our customer direct supervision even when they are at the customer’s site. BestOption Medical Staffing also offers medical staffing for Occupational Health and Clinics for factories.


Why Use BestOption Medical Staffing

Best Medical Staffing Deals

Saves You Time

BestOption Medical helps you work smarter by presenting a seamless medical staff hiring process.

Health First

Our medical staff undergoes a rigorous interview, background checks and file all required documents before they are available for booking.

Only the Best Quality

We proudly have the industry top qualified medical staff. Registered, Licensed and Approved.

Easy to Get Help

We are only a call away. We know health is a critical part of our lives. Therefore, we made it easy for you to get the medical help/staff you need.

Streamlined Communication

Everything is streamlined, from registering and hiring a medical staff to booking and receiving actual service.

Seamless Transaction

No hustles at all. All popular and safe payment options available when you need to complete payment. 

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