For Facilities

Any healthcare’s primary goal is to meet the demands of their clients – the patients. In the process, most healthcare facilities struggle to find quality healthcare professionals to meet these demands. This is where BestOption Medical Staffing comes in to fill the gaps by offering you flexible staffing solutions when the demand arises.

The technology and experience of BestOption Medical Staffing ensures that your facility gets the required medical staff in time, whether you’re looking for contract or per diem staff. BestOption is always available whenever your facility needs to fill in for planned staff vacations or even unexpected staff absences, rising census, sick calls among others. Contract and per diem staff remain BestOption Medical Staffing’s employees. They are under our customer direct supervision even when they are at the customer’s site. BestOption Medical Staffing also offers medical staffing for Occupational Health and Clinics for factories.


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•  A Minimum of 2 years of current experience in an area of practice for LPNs & RNs.

•  A Minimum of 1 year of current experience for CMAs & CNAs.
•  A current license in good standing with active status
•  Criminal records and a background check
•  Employment references, EPLS check, OIG check
•  No prior record of resident/patient abuse or HIPAA violations
•  Rigorous attendance standards enforced
•  Complete skills assessment per specialty
•  80% or better across all administered BestOption tests
•  Clinical testing of all applicants upon hire

Our Clients which includes health facilities pay hourly rates. We don’t allow added or hidden personal fees. BestOption Medical Staffing pays all of the normal insurances including FUTA, SUTA, FICA, employee taxes, social security, liability insurance, worker’s compensation insurance, and unemployment insurance. Travel costs as well as are discussed and arrangement made upfront. We have long-term programs which can be tamed to accommodate your needs.

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