Frequently Asked Questions



How much does it cost to sign up with BestOption Medical Staffing?

It’s free for all healthcare providers. You are not charged a fee to be part of our team. 

How long does the application process take?

The application process moves as quickly as you would like it to. We give a maximum of one month (30days) to complete the application process. In case you need additional days to complete the application process then let us know.

Do I have to leave my present job?

No. We don’t ask our staff to leave their current jobs by any means. In fact, BestOption Medical prefers that your full time schedule and therefore only needs you when you are available.

No, not by any means will we ask you to leave your current job. In fact, BestOption Medical Staffing prefers you keep your full-time job and utilize our shifts to supplement your income. If you ever choose to work for BestOtion Medical, our dedicated Staffing Specialists will ensure that you work  where you want and your desired amount of hours each week. At no time during your employment with BestOption Medical will you be required or obligated to pick up a certain amount of shifts. The freedom is all yours.


What is an HCP?

HCPs are medical professionals such as RNs, LPNs, CMAs/TMAs/CMTs and CNAs.

What is Per Diem?

Per Diem is a term used to refer to “day-to-day staffing”. These shifts ideally come upon a shorter notice due to the unexpected absence of a facility’s staff. 


Do I have to sign a contract?

For per diem, you don’t sign a contract. We have longer-term opportunities which span over 13 weeks. These require you to have a contract with us that commits both you and the facility to the assignment.

If I am on an assignment and I don’t like it, do I have to stay?

Yes, we understand there will be situations like this. If you find yourself in such situations, you are obligated to simply fulfill your scheduled shift/contract. You can always contact us should you need assistance on the ground. Remember you are already part of us. Complete the shift and later share with us the reasons why you didn’t like it so that we can help by customizing your preference list to match your kind of shifts in the future.


What is a BestOption STAT Responder?

A STAT responder is a fully credentialed professional with the ability to respond to late minute emergencies, disasters and shortages within the healthcare industry.

How do I become a STAT Responder?

STAT Responders must successfully complete all program requirements set forth by BestOption Medical Staffing. The program contains rules, regulations, codes, and laws required by local, state and federal regulatory bodies as well as standards set forth by The Joint Commission as well as BestOption Medical Staffing and other reputable organizations involved in healthcare staffing. 


What is BestOption University (BOU) Mandatory Education? 

This is a free E-learning software that allows us to provide training to medical providers. The goal is to facilitate learning and review of regulatory requirements by The Joint Commission, IOSHA and other states, federal and BestOption Medical Staffing requirements. Training is done at the time of application and yearly thereafter.

(Joint Commission, Standard HR.1 c, OSHA, State, and Federal regulatory agencies) 

How do I get started with BestOption University?

Login to your BestOption My Account Area. Once logged in, look under the ‘My Tasks’ section to see what checklists, tests or employee forms are assigned. Click on the name of the document to open it up to proceed.

How do I get to the BestOption login?

Click here to log in anytime to your BestOption University Account. 

What should I do if I forget my user ID or password? 

Your login details are private and confidential and are therefore not shared with any administrative staff. If you ever forget your login details, click on “Forgot Password” to reset. Type in your email address and login to your email for instructions on how to reset.

What should I do if I am unable to finish an online course or the exam in one sitting?

You can always come back to complete it where you left off the next time you log in. When you need to stop, simply click to save your form.

What happens if I fail a test?

If you fail a test, you will be required to retake the test and obtain a passing score in order to receive credit. You can review the course and retake the test as many times as it takes for you to pass the course.


This is your personalized workforce portal. This is where you set your availability statuses, your regions, your calendar etc. Basically it contains all your details. If you need any help simply contact us to guide you through. You generate invoices from this area among other capabilities.

What if I have days that I cannot work?

Always keep your availability calendar up to date in your Workforce Portal. If you are unavailable to work, simply set your unavailability to yes for those days you do not wish to work.

What if something comes up or I’m suddenly sick or have an emergency and can’t work my scheduled shifts?

We understand that such situations can crop up anytime. People get sick but we are in the business of filling the same kind of shifts (last minute) already so it’s crucial that you alert us as soon as you have accepted a task but are unavailable to work. This enables us to notify the facility as soon as possible to make arrangements for a replacement.

Can I choose the facilities in which I’d like to work at?

Yes, BestOption is good with freedoms. You have the options to choose where to work. Our online portal allows you to see the available shifts up to 200 miles radius or at facilities you have marked as favourite. You can set your preferences from your workforce portal.

Who do I contact if I have concerns about patient care and safety? 

Please discuss your concerns with the facility using the required chain of reporting. In case your concerns can’t be handled through the facility or BestOption’s management, please contact The Joint Commission at the Office of Quality Monitoring:  (800) 994-6610. BestOption will never take any punitive or disciplinary action for such reports of quality-of-care or safety concerns.


What is a timesheet?

This is a record of the number of hours worked which includes other required details. Useful when filing for payment for work done.

Where do I find the timesheets?

Timesheets can be found under our forms library under Resources Menu.

How do I get timesheets to BestOption?

Timesheets are submitted through your WorkForce Portal.

When do timesheets have to be submitted?

Each week by 8 a.m. on Monday. There may be delays in your payment if you fail to submit your timesheets in time.  

What if I work at different facilities during the same week? Can I use the same timesheet for all of them?

Unfortunately, we require you to use separate timesheets for each facility you visit in order for us to keep reports clear.

Do I have to use a BestOption timesheet? What if I forgot to bring a timesheet with me to the facility?

All shifts worked should be submitted on BestOption timesheet. We don’t accept handwritten timesheets. In case you forgot to bring your timesheets to the facility, you can download a copy from our website if the facility you visited has computer access. If it doesn’t then it’s your responsibility to make arrangements with the facility to get a timesheet completed before we pay what BestOption owes you.


What is an I-9 and who needs to complete one?

An I-9 is a federal document to verify employment eligibility within the United States. All employees that are hired by BestOption must complete an I-9 with identification documents within three days of accepting a position with BestOption to comply with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). 

Why do I need to fill out a W-4?

Both Federal and state W-4s are required to provide information to the Accounting Department to withhold the appropriate amount of taxes for each employee. If you have questions on filling out the W-4s, you can contact BestOption’s Accounting Department or contact your personal tax advisor. (IRS and Department of Treasury)

What if I don’t understand how to properly complete my federal and state W-4s?

Simply contact our Accounting Department on # and one of our representatives will be happy to help.

When will I receive my W-2 at year end?

According to the Federal Government, the deadline for issuance for W-2s is 31 January. Please make sure you have a current address on file so your W-2 will arrive in a timely manner. 


How do I get credentials/documents to BestOption Medical?

You can fax them to BestOption Medical Staffing at # or emailed to processing@bestoptionmedical.com. Alternatively, you can upload them from your workforce portal.

How do I know if documents I sent are received by BestOption?

An email receipt will be sent once the document(s) are received for processing if you faxed or emailed them.

When will documents be added to my file?

Once the documents are received and reviewed for accuracy, we upload them to your file. If any changes or corrections are needed, you will be contacted to make those revisions.

What is Phase 2 orientation and when will I begin this process?

Phase 2 orientation begins as soon as you are approved for hire. During this time, you will go over all documents and testing that will need to be completed before working at any BestOption facility and login to your personalized Workforce Portal. After your file is completed, your Staffing Specialist will complete a staffing orientation with you to answer questions and guide you through our Workforce Portal and any policies that must be followed.

What are the requirements for certifications?

Copies (both front and back) of all applicable clinical certifications such as BCLS, ACLS, PALS and NPR (These certifications should be American Heart Association, Healthcare Provider). (Joint Commission, Standard HR2.a)

What is required for the TB screening and health examination?

Employees shall have a physical examination within six months prior to or upon employment. Once hired by BestOption, employees must provide updated health statements every four years. Tuberculin skin tests are required at the time of employment and annually thereafter. (Inspections and Appeals 58.10 (3))

What immunization records are required?

All HCPs must submit a record of the Hepatitis B series, titer showing immunity or declination. MMR, Varicella, Tetanus and/or Influenza are facility specific and may be required. Records must be an official document or signed by a healthcare provider.

(CDC, Joint Commission, Standard HR.1, OSHA)

What is needed for the Mandatory Reporter: Child and Dependent Adult Abuse?

All HCPs working in Iowa must complete an approved Mandatory Reporter: Child and Dependent Adult Abuse course. The Mandatory Reporter training is good for five years and is available free of charge for employees through our online training software. (Iowa Code section 235B.16 – Dependent Adult Abuse)

What is an identification badge and why do I need to get one?

Healthcare professionals must always identify themselves through the use of identification badges. An approved digital submitted photo or a 2×2 passport photo is required to create your personal name badge. A photo identification badge will be mailed to each applicant as soon as the file is complete. (Iowa General Assembly: 147.162)


Why do I need a bank account?

BestOption utilizes direct deposit to your bank account in order to prevent lost checks and to also guarantee that you receive payments on time. It also allows BestOption to pay more frequently than our competitors. Typically, a checking or savings account is sufficient for direct deposit.

Why do I have to submit a voided check or deposit slip?

BestOption utilizes payroll or direct deposit. The voided deposit slip or check helps ensure funds are deposited into the correct bank account by allowing verification of the routing as well as account numbers.

How do I get paid? Will taxes be taken out?

Wages are paid every Friday for work performed during the previous week ending on Saturday. To assist in handling tax deductions, BestOption automatically withholds FICA, Medicare taxes, federal and state taxes from each paycheck.

How do I get my weekly pay stubs?

Your pay stubs are added weekly to your BesOption Wallet account. To view present and previous pay stubs, access BestOption account and select My Wallet.

When does the workweek begin and end?

BestOption workweek begins on Sunday and ends on Saturday. During contracts and special projects, you may be required to work the facility’s workweek, but you will be notified before your shift if that is the case.

Is direct deposit required?

Employees hired before July 1, 2005 had the option of receiving auto deposit of paychecks or receiving a manual check when they began employment. Employees who elected to receive a manual check are paid monthly on the 15th of every month or the next business day, should the 15th fall on a weekend or holiday. Employees hired on or after July 1, 2005 are required to sign up for auto deposit of paychecks as a condition of hire per Iowa Code Section 91A.3 (3) and 91A.6. These employees do have the option to withdraw from auto deposit once they begin working to receive monthly manual checks instead.

Do you pay overtime?

All hours worked over forty hours within a workweek will be paid at one and one-half times the regular hourly wage. Working more than forty hours is not allowed unless pre-approved by BestOption and the facility in which overtime will be incurred.

Do you reimburse for housing, meals, mileage, and other expenses?

Certain long-term assignments have funds available for reimbursement of certain expenses. When starting a long-term assignment, you will be notified if you will receive any reimbursements. If that is the case, an expense report must be submitted with the actual receipts to receive reimbursement for qualifying expenses incurred during the assignment.

What is an electronic payment authorization?

It is an authorization agreement for automatic payroll deposit. This process prevents lost checks and allows us to pay frequently. We utilize auto deposit for weekly paychecks.


Is there a health insurance plan? If so, how do I apply?

Employees may become eligible for the employer matched health insurance plan after 90 days of employment and a 13 week assignment or eligible long-term assignment with an average of 30 hours per week. Enrollment forms and instructions can be found on the ‘Resources Center’ page of the website.

Is AFLAC available?

AFLAC benefits are available to all employees at their own cost. Employees may be eligible to participate after 90 days of employment and a 13 week assignment or eligible long-term assignment with an average of 30 hours per week.