What People Are Saying

Dear BestOption,

“I just wanted to thank you very much for sending us an outstanding professional. Libby was a registered nurse taking care of my sick mother at a local health facility. She was truly caring and her professionalism was so admirable. She took care of my mother so well I couldn’t forget her. I remember her sharing the experience and knowledge she had amassed to put my mother at ease. I wish we had more people like Libby. Thankfully, my mother recovered. Thank you Libby, thank you BestOption Medical!” Linda Shore


“Thank YOU SO MUCH! We’re lucky to have BestOption Medical, one of our greatest partners out there and you guys are the best!”
Liz Antone | Affiliated Physician, a wellness business partner

“Working for BestOption Medical has been incredibly rewarding for me. It has taught me that life holds very special rewards for those who strive to help others. Job well-done Bestoption!!! “
Anne Clifford
“I love BOM!”
Stephanie Stanko
“BestOption Medical has a positive mission to change people’s lives! They take pride in making sure that each and every client need is met while making sure that all staff members are on the lane. Thank you for the chance to work as part of you!” Victoria Whitacre
“BestOption Medical is a wonderful place to work as agency nurses. The staff is always friendly, polite. They allow you to get the hours you want on the particular days you want! Hustle free!” Anonymous
“I have been working at BestOption Medical full-time (Less than a year) but the overall experience has been so so wonderful.” The Director of recruiting is very very supportive and friendly. Everything has been outstanding from the onboarding process to meeting with my fellow co-workers. I got the family feeling working with BestOption Medical. Great atmosphere, everything is streamlined on the website and the base pay+commission are all great!” Paul Lewis.
“BestOption Medical has been a great company to work for. I chose to work per diem over permanent but overall, they are always willing to work with my schedule. That is the best thing about BestOption which means I still have my day job. They have a great network to choose from available shifts and I am very pleased.” Staff RN Per Diem (Current Employee) 
“BestOption Medical is a really good place for employment, commission and benefits. It’s also fun to travel.  Friendly staffers and supervisors too.” Annette, CNA – Certified Nursing Assistant (Current Employee) 
“I love working for BOM. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help. The work schedule is flexible. If it conflicts with your schedule, you have the option of setting your unavailability status. It’s easy to manage your calendar and get paid for work done. My most enjoyable part of the job is having to choose where and when to work. The flexibility is so amazing!” Certified Nursing Assistant

“I strongly recommend BestOption Medical Staffing to other medical professionals. They worked hard to find a position that was the best fit for me. The position we decided on was a med aide position in UT. Apparently BOM does both locums …” Med Aide, (Current Employee)